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Financial consultant

MICT Energy brings optimal solutions to customers who are looking for an effective method of business and financial management, and desire to restructure the business.

MICT Energy's M&A advisory services help drive strategic growth through mergers and acquisitions. In the fast-paced M&A market, MICT Energy not only helps companies quickly source potential deals but also provides the service of conducting thorough due diligence and assessments to achieve the best results of the integration process. MICT Energy experts will act as independent consultants and will also represent clients in the deals. Our professional analytical capabilities will help businesses reduce risk and increase transaction value.

As one of the professional M&A consulting organizations providing services for renewable energy projects in Vietnam, from strategy to implementation, MICT Energy's services are underpinned by extensive commercial, technical, financial, legal, and tax knowledge and experience.

What we provide?

- Consulting on business restructuring, refinancing, and building a reasonable transformation plan in each stage.
- Due Diligence: Performing due diligence processes, technical, financial, tax, commercial, and legal reviews.
- Transparent pricing by building optimal financial models that help businesses attract direct investment in deals.
- Developing the optimal negotiation plan, including evaluating and directly negotiating the relevant agreements in each process.

What will you get?

- Reliable risk analysis and cost estimation capabilities. - Pricing accuracy improvement.
- Independent technical and commercial advice throughout the transaction process.
- Enhancing the position of each party at the negotiating stage.
- Saving time and improving negotiation efficiency in deals.