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With many years of experience in the field of electrical construction and installation, MICT Energy has the experience in technical management, construction and installation, testing, operation services of electrical systems in the power industry and other construction industries in Vietnam.

Project construction is not an easy job, from planning and design to construction and installation, there can be a lot of potential waste and costly mistakes. Here, MICT Energy gives customers the opportunity to directly approach a team of highly qualified and experienced professionals, providing consultancy services in preliminary work, layout design, construction management as well as supervision, and construction maintenance. MICT Energy has participated as a technical and construction consultant for many clean energy projects in the territory of Vietnam including rooftop solar power projects, onshore wind farms, above-ground or floating solar farms, etc. from small to large scale.

What we provide?

- Full package of construction and installation of solar power projects with a capacity under 30MW including equipment and accessories procurement, construction and installation, testing and calibration, etc.
- Full package of construction and installation of Wind Met Mast includes survey, design, technical analysis, met mast design examination, equipment supply, operation & maintenance, and annual energy production report.
- Other electrical construction includes supervision consultancy, repair, replacement installation, operation and maintenance, etc. for clean energy projects.

What will you get?

- Fast and efficient working performance.
- Ensuring project progress will be completed on time, without delay.
- A team of skilled workers and engineers with many years of industry experience.
- MICT Energy's package installation service will ensure the full cost of a project, in very rare cases where unexpected costs arise. - Customers do not need to invest too much time and resources in the project. MICT Energy will act as a bridge with subcontractors (if any) and satisfy all customer requirements.